Services & Pricing

Delivery Service

If you require trees delivered to your location we are happy to make arrangements for this service with you. We deliver trees with a tandem crane truck that carries up to 50 trees and reaches up to 35 feet from the truck. The delivery charge is $100/hour, with a minimum charge of one hour. If the location is beyond the reach of our truck, a dolly and extra labour is needed and an additional charge will be applied depending on the requirements of your location.

Our Guarantee

Providing that trees have been planted according to instructions and properly cared for and that they are accompanied by the original invoice, our trees are guaranteed for one year from the purchase date. This guarantee does not cover rodent, mechanical or other damage.

Payment and Pricing

All listed tree prices include loading the tree onto your vehicle at our location. All sales require payment at the time of purchase or delivery. We accept cash, cheque, VISA or Mastercard (credit card sales over $500 add 2%). GST is not included. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Discounts are available for most species when a number of trees are purchased at one time:
5 and more – 5% discount
10 and more – 10% discount
15 and more – 15% discount
20 and more – 20% discount

Planting Service

Tree Moving Service

Chipping and Stump Grinding

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